Tom was more of a fan of the music and was smitten by sound system culture when in 1998 he first heard the mighty Shaka in Geneva. A curiosity grew over the years about the music business and after getting advice from friends, his thoughts turned to releasing some of his own sounds. This year the Chouette Records story really gathered pace when a few months back he contacted Dougie at Conscious Sounds. Dougie worked on a deep rootsy riddim for him and as luck would have it Sandeeno was at the studio and they added a vocal track. As it all started to come together Tom worked with other musicians including Danny Red, until finally he decided that the tracks where ready for a vinyl release. Tom described to me how he felt about the experience, ‘I can’t play any instrument but I know what I like and to my surprise many people accepted to work with me, even if I’m totally unknown in this business, I’m feeling blessed and lucky.’

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Sandeeno No Where To RunSandeeno No Where To RunSandeeno No Where To RunSandeeno No Where To Run